Report Abuse

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If you know or suspect that a minor (person under 18) has been abused, please contact:

Call 9-1-1

Contact law enforcement or your local Department of Social Services (DSS)

Suspect Sexual Abuse or Misconduct?

If you have information about possible sexual abuse or misconduct by any clergy, employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Charlotte, you can report concerns safely, securely and anonymously 24/7 over the phone or online:

PLEASE NOTE: The Diocese of Charlotte reports all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor to local law enforcement. The diocese also notifies its Victim Assistance Coordinator, a licensed counselor who offers assistance to the reporting individual. In addition, the diocese informs its Lay Review Board, an independent advisory group that investigates allegations of abuse and misconduct for Church disciplinary purposes.


Report Abuse By a Bishop

The Catholic Bishops Abuse Reporting Service (CBAR) is a nationwide, secure system for reporting sexual misconduct by a bishop or their intentional interference in a sexual abuse investigation. Go online to or call 800-276-1562.


Need to talk to a trained counselor?

The Diocese of Charlotte is committed to listening, healing and reconciliation for survivors of abuse – whether the incident took place in the diocese or elsewhere. The diocese’s Victim Assistance Coordinator can help connect you to available resources. Please leave a message for:

Victim Assistance Coordinator